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i don’t know about you but i like to read Seth Godin’s blogs for very insightful ideas about how effective marketing should be like.

this might be a bit dated, but his post about how we utilise slack time is very relevant. we’re still in an economic recession, most of my friends still hadn’t gotten a job. do we stay at home and read comics everyday, or do we actually do something useful?

Seth’s Blog: Slack

Also from Seth’s Blog: This is Broken


speaking of trying to find jobs, you should really try to use the new social networking tool LinkedIn. i’m still experimenting with it myself, but so far it looks like a good place to at least post an online resume and establish… a professional image of yourself online (in contrast to the probably more casual image of yourself on facebook)

Guy Kawasaki (the person in the video in the previous post) posted an article on his blog about how to use LinkedIn. In these rather troubled times I’m guessing everything helps.

How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn


another article which might be a bit dated but i find useful is this one on how websites make money. most of us – especially those without a lot of capital – would have considered starting a business via a website. here’s a list of how to generate some income off it

DailyBlogTips: 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website


other useful posts:

Entrepreneur.com: Top 10 Reasons to Start a Business in a Recession

OnStartups.com: Why Startups should ALWAYS Compromise when Hiring


these are very practical tips startups can use right away:

OnStartups.com: Startup Marketing: Tactical Tips From The Trenches

Small Business Marketing Guide: Branding 101: How to Name Your Company or Product

Small Business Marketing Guide: Branding 101: How to Write a Positioning Statement



25.04.2009 – the first post

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i’m a fan of reading blogs in general, and i also like to read a lot on stories on how people set up their businesses and the tales and tips they have to share – probably because i’m trying to do this myself.


i got this idea from singaporedaily.net, a site which gathers a lot well thought-out blog posts and articles about politics and life in general about my home country and posts them in a spot on a daily basis.

this blog will be similar in a sense; i’ll find articles and blog posts on entrepreneurship on a regular basis – but they won’t be ‘the latest headlines’ – if i find an interesting article that’s dated a few years back, i’ll still post it. i foresee sometimes in the future i might have repeat postings, if i do this regularly enough.


just to post a video to kick start things: Guy Kawasaki’s
Art of the Start 

think it’ll be very appropriate
(refresh the page if the video doesn’t show up properly)