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25.04.2009 – the first post

Posted in announcements, regular updates on April 25, 2009 by hwang

i’m a fan of reading blogs in general, and i also like to read a lot on stories on how people set up their businesses and the tales and tips they have to share – probably because i’m trying to do this myself.


i got this idea from, a site which gathers a lot well thought-out blog posts and articles about politics and life in general about my home country and posts them in a spot on a daily basis.

this blog will be similar in a sense; i’ll find articles and blog posts on entrepreneurship on a regular basis – but they won’t be ‘the latest headlines’ – if i find an interesting article that’s dated a few years back, i’ll still post it. i foresee sometimes in the future i might have repeat postings, if i do this regularly enough.


just to post a video to kick start things: Guy Kawasaki’s
Art of the Start 

think it’ll be very appropriate
(refresh the page if the video doesn’t show up properly)