Zygote: Designing to Sell

Singaporean Entrepreneurs: Brilliant German Marketing

Singaporean Entrepreneurs: Liking what you do vs. Doing what you Like

Wild Illusions: 4 big opportunities for radical innovation in media


apart from the few above, i also found alot of good stuff on here!

: http://startups.alltop.com/ 
there’s a lot of stuff to go through
so i just picked out some of the more interesting ones (to me, at least) to put here…


Entrepreneur Corner: 5 best Stanford tutorials in management

Entrepreneur Corner: We teach entrepreneurship like every vertical market has the same set of rules

Entrepreneur.com: See Your Business with Fresh Eyes

Entrepreneur.com: Recession-proof Franchises

NY Times Business: The Sales Profession: Attention Must Still Be Paid

Demo.com: Why Do You Win?

Forbes.com: Finding Your Next Gig In Your Garage

Start-Up Toolkit: Top 5 Tips for How to Promote Your Company to a Reporter

startupnation: 7 Secrets to Compelling Content

Bootstrapping Blog: Why Should I Buy?

Bootstrapping Blog: More Kick A$$ Guerrilla Marketing Promotions Part 1

bootstrapme.com: How Sound is Your Business Plan?

bootstrapme.com: Picking a Logo: Some Mistakes to Avoid

trizle: Why You Suck at Business Success

trizle: How Business Strategy Sucks You Up

Lifestyle Design: Marketing Tips – Always Remember

Associated Content: Ten Donald Trump Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Associated Content: How to Make a Fan Page for Your Business on Facebook


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