some very recent posts, as well as a lot of rather dated (but still relevant!) posts from various blogs


Seth’s Blog: Making Commercials for the Web

Expeditus Media: Tips to Create a Great Blog


On Startups: Startup Lessons From The Underpants Gnomes: PROFIT!

On Startups: Thoughts on the Economics of Giving It Away


Young Upstarts: Relationship 101 for Startups: Guanxi Matters

Young Upstarts: Do Yourself a Favor, Startups, and Get Yourself Media-Ready

Young Upstarts: Where Should I Locate My Fashion Pushcart Business?

Young Upstarts: Shoestring Marketing: Tips For Pushcart Entrepreneurs


Open Forum: The Art of Generating Buzz

Open Forum: The Art of the Tutorial


OkDork: Startup Tips: Getting to that first 10,000

OkDork: Startup Tips: How I grew a waiting list of 20,000+ at Mint.com


The Unchartered Waters: Some Advices on Entrepreneurship 



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