If you have watched the “Art of the Start” video below in the first post, one of the points the speaker brought up is (i forgot the exact words) “Just Start.”

It means you stop planning and planning and actually go and do something.

i think most of us can relate to this: it’s fun to sit down and dream up of business models and business strategies and how are you going to makret your stuff to the world, but the most important thing is you need to have a product or service offering first – and the hard part is investing the time and energy to get it there.

this is partly the reason why i call this blog “READING about STARTING.” It’s kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it? We can plan a lot, we can read a lot on how to do things right, but in the end we need to get our butts off and actually do something.


so for those who actually went and did something, or those who will do something soon, this blog will provide some readings to keep you better informed about starting up.


Bizzia.com: When in Doubt, Just Start
this advice is also very applicable to budding entrepreneurs, in a sense. Of course, if you’re a startup, it’s important for you to do some due diligence and homework to make sure you don’t do something stupid; but the point is, don’t be paralysed by analysis. Just start first and things will work out as they go along.

Seth’s Blog: I need more Time   

On Startups: Startup Conversations With Myself: What Should I Work On?

Sg EntrepreneursWhy and how do you write an Executive Summary?

The Innovative Marketer: 10 Great Marketing Podcasts you Should Not Miss


This is from a freelancer website, but i think the advice on the site will be very useful for one man operations

FreelanceSwitch: How to Craft Your Personal Business Model


and finally…
well… i figured this is (or should be) important
a boring entrepreneur is… after all… pretty boring, right?

HELLO, my name is BLOG!: 30 Ways to Become the Most Interesting Person You Know



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